Centre for Environment Audit and Consultancy (CEAC)

The School has recently started a Centre for Environment Audit & Consultancy (CEAC). The Center’s mission is to audit the environment of institutions, industries and other developmental projects and conduct environmental consultancy services.

The School offers consultancy services in various environmental management sectors like:-

Services Contact person Mob.
Biodiversity Assessment  Dr. E.V. Ramasamy 9447095935
Environmental auditing Dr. Sylas V.P. 9447914132
Analysis and monitoring of air, water, soil and sound Dr. Mahesh Mohan 9447871596


Dr. Mahesh Mohan 9447871596

Mercury Analyser (DMA)

Dr. Mahesh Mohan 9447871596




Mr. Cyrus Koshy Mathew 9526967493





Other consultancy works

  • Analysis, Sediment Sieve Analysis, Microbial contamination of water etc.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and EMP report preparation
  • Urban forestry and greenbelt development
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Anaerobic wastewater treatment and ETP monitoring
  • Eco-development/ecorestoration


Dr. Mahesh Mohan



Miyawaki model afforestation (Technical consultation)


Dr. Mahesh Mohan 9447871596

Geological analysis / landslide studies/soil piping/ Geomorphological analysis


Dr. Baiju K.R. 9447573027

Geoinformatics Services

  • Digitization and Quality Check of spatial data (high volume digitization of maps and documents, GIS data conversion)
  • Site Suitability analysis for various developmental projects
  • Geoinformatics base Area management plan preparation
  • Satellite and aerial photo-interpretation
  • Digital image processing
  • GPS surveying and mapping (General mapping, Contour mapping, Scientific mapping)
  • 3 D and Surface Modeling
  • Geostatistical analysis
  • Sophisticated geo-processing and raster GIS modelling
  • Customization and software development
  • Training Assistance for customized courses of Universities/ Colleges/ Govt. Departments/ Private/ Corporate Institutions.
Dr. Abin Varghese 9446767451