School of Environmental Sciences

Rank list for MSc Environment Science and Management Admission-2021

Rank list for MSc Environment Science and Disaster Management Admission -2021



With a vision to consolidate the existing and to pay focus attention to the frontier areas of Environmental Science, the University has established the School of Environmental Sciences (SES) in1995 as a Centre of learning for advanced studies in different branches of environmental science. The major mandate of the School is to develop appropriate technologies and skilled human resource for sustainable utilization, management and conservation of natural resources.

The School became a statutory part of the university in 2000. It acquired its own building on the campus in 2007. It is one of the premier departments for advanced environmental studies under Mahatma Gandhi University. The major mandate of the School is to develop appropriate technologies and skilled human resources for conservation of nature, pollution prevention, sustainable utilization and management of natural resources for development.

The school has established a Centralized Remote Sensing and GIS facility, the first of its kind in a University in the state, with the support of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).  The School has a live laboratory named as “Jeevaka” which consists of areas with rich biodiversity within the Mahatma Gandhi University Campus.

Dr. Baiju K.R.

Associate Professor & Director



  • To develop appropriate technology and skilled human resource for conservation of nature, prevention of pollution and sustainable utilisation of natural resources for development



  • To facilitate human resource development in environment and disaster management       through education and research.
  • To establish advanced facilities for promotion of  research and sustainable technology development
  • To impart training to personnel from Government / NGOs/ Industries / Institutions                   as well as to the general public
  • To undertake consultancy projects in environmental and disaster management, EIA,                  RS and GIS.