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Paristhithimithram 2022 Award for Best Environmental Scientist to Dr. Mahesh Mohan

Chief Minister  Pinarayi  Vijayan presented the Paristhithi Mithram Award for the best environmental researcher to Dr. Mahesh Mohan of the School at the state-level inauguration ceremony of the Environment Day celebrations. The Department of Environment and Climate Change of the State Government instituted the award. 

DUO-India Fellowship Programme 

DUO-India Fellowship Programme was established in 2019 with the aim of promoting the exchange of people between India and European countries on a balanced and permanent basis. Dr. EV Ramasamy of the School has won the award.

Chairmanship of the advisory committee for Antarctic EIA study and Antarctic Environmental Governance 

Dr. C.T. Aravindakumar was selected as the Chairman of the advisory committee for planning of activities of Antarctic Environmental Impact Assessment study and Antarctic Environmental Governance. The committee is working under the National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR), Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India. 

Member SEAC

Dr. Mahesh Mohan was selected for the State Expert Appraisal Committee (SEAC) of the State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority, Kerala. The tenure of the committee is 2022-2025.

Role of the School in ‘Grade A’ Green Office Award to University

The School was the force behind the restriction of the use of plastics and solid waste management. The School’s biodiversity assessment of the campus led to the formation of Jeevaka Live Laboratory, the biodiversity-rich area of the campus, which was protected. This enabled Mahatma Gandhi University to make remarkable changes in the environment friendly activities on the campus under the Green protocol activities of Haritha Kerala Mission. The activities of the Green Protocol officer, Dr. Mahesh Mohan of the School of Environmental Science, appointed by MGU were very effective. Various awareness programmes were conducted for staff and students. As part of the green protocol activities, disposable plates and glass were banned and procured steel plates and glasses. The Haritha Kerala mission audited all the green protocol activities and recognised Mahatma Gandhi University as Grade A Green Office. Dr. Mahesh Mohan received The award on behalf of the University on January 26th 2021.


Mahatma Gandhi University bagged

Vanamithra Award

– the role of SES

Mahatma Gandhi University Campus is unique for a number of reasons. Once the focus is on flora and fauna on the campus, one will feel in a place where every day is celebrated as environment day! Activities Celebrating the green Coleus and Green life is in active mode every moment. Whether planting new saplings,  sheltering or nurturing birds, butterflies, or dragonflies, men on the campus, such as students, teachers or other staff, always play their role to the maximum. A considerable portion of the total land mass of the campus is spared exclusively for non-human beings that range from giant trees to humble insects. This area has rich biodiversity and is declared (June 5, 2010) as the ‘Live Laboratory of the School of Environmental Sciences’ and named ‘Jeevaka’. The Jeevaka Live laboratory and projects like Miyawaki model green slices (PI: Dr. Mahesh Mohan, SES), Herbal gardens (Supervision: Dr. Radhakrishnan E.K., SBS) and green protocol initiatives under Nirmalam-MGU present text book like resources for those guided and inspired by the green vibes.

Even as the people inside this green territory remain used to this serene wonder, those beyond the boundaries of the campus often come up to it, imbibing the spirit of nature percolating from here and shower words and actions giving expression to their feeling of awe and gratitude.

One recent one was the bestowing of Vanamithra Award for the year 2021-22 by the Kerala Forest Department, Government of Kerala, to Mahatma Gandhi University. And it was like a tribute to the amazing treasures of nature hidden there, exactly in tune with the Gandhian green vision of life. Dr. Prakashkumar, Registrar, from Mr. AK Sasheendran, Minister for Forest Wildlife Protection, received the award. The preparation for achieving the Vanamithra award has been carried out by the students and faculty members of the School of Environmental Sciences under the supervision of Dr. Mahesh Mohan, Assistant Professor & Green Protocol Officer, MGU.


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