Members of Faculty


Dr. Baiju K.R.

Professor, Dean & Head
Ph: +91-481-2732120/620 (O)                                                                                        Mob: 9447573027
Email :,
Area of ResearchDisaster Management, Geomorphology, Petrology, Geochemistry, Minerology  Read more…

Dr. E. V. Ramasamy

Mob: +91 94470 95935
Email :
Area of Research: Environmental Biotechnology, waste management, Microplastoc,  Bioremediation, Vermitechnology, Microbial fuel cells, Soil carbon dynamics, Sustainable sanitation  Read more…

Dr. C.T.Aravindakumar

Email :
Website :                                                                                                 Mob: +91 9447391168
Area of Research: Environmental Chemistry; Advanced oxidation process; water & air pollution Read more….

Dr. Mahesh Mohan

Assistant Professor

+91 9447871596 (Mob.)
Area of Research: Environmental Pollution, Polar Research, Mercury Pollution, Ecotoxicology, Biogeochemistry,  Environment Management, Eco-restoration Read more…

Dr. V. P. Sylas

Assistant Professor

+91 9447914132 (Mob.)
Email :;
Area of Research: Wetland s – ecology & biodiversity; Bioenergy-microalgae and its applications; Biomaterials;  water & sanitation Read more…

 Dr. A. P. Thomas

Visiting Professor & Director, ACESSD

Ph: +91-481-2732120/620 (O), +91 9447473830 (Mob.)
Email :
Area of Research: Ecology, Environmental Stress, Biodiversity studies and climate change. Read more…

Dr. K.N. Krishnakumar

Course Coordinator, MSc Applied Geology

 +91  (Mob.) 9497822555
Email :   
Area of Research: Geology.

Mr. Hijas Hameed K N

Faculty on Contract, Geology

 +91  (Mob.) 7012926781
Email :
Area of Research: Geology. Read more…

Dr. Keerthy Suresh

Faculty on Contract, Geology

 Area of Research: Geology Read more..

Dr. Prashanth R.S.

Faculty on Contract, Geology

 +91  (Mob.) 9633928022
Email :
Area of Research: Geology. Read more…

Dr. Harsha H.T.

Faculty on Contract, Environmental Science

 Area of Research: Ecology, Resource management and microbiology.

Read more…

Dr. Abin Varghese

Course Co-ordinator, Dr. R. Satheesh Centre for Remote Sensing & GIS

 +91  9446767451 (Mob.) 
Email :
Area of Research: Remote sensing & GIS. Read more..

Dr. Asha Rose

Faculty on Contract, Disaster Management

 Area of Research: Disaster Management. Read more…

Dr. Kannan V.M.

Faculty on Contract, Environmental Science

 +91  9946637743 (Mob.) 
Email : 
Area of Research: Environmental Pollution. Read more…